FLANNERY for State Representative

The Helping Hand Kentucky Needs VOTE NOVEMBER 3RD, 2020

Kentucky Is in Good Hands Thanks to Conservative Patrick Flannery

Standing with President Trump

To be a great leader, one must learn from a great leader. That’s what Patrick believes, and he’ll use the values and strategies he learned from our president to make Kentucky great, too.

Protecting the Unborn

Now more than ever, life is precious. That’s why Patrick Flannery is proud to defend the unborn at every step. In fact, his hard work has earned him Kentucky Right to Life’s endorsement.

Stopping Illegal Immigration

Hardworking citizens shouldn’t have to fork over their money or safety to support illegal immigrants. Patrick will work hard to protect Kentuckians from freeloaders and criminals.

Defending Our Rights

Strengthening our freedoms begins with protecting our constitutional rights, including our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. As law-abiding citizens, outdoorsmen, and sportsmen, Patrick Flannery will work to ensure we are able to carry on the proud hunting and sporting traditions of our state while protecting our families, homes, and businesses.

FLANNERY for State Representative